Make Any Air Conditioner Smart With This Amazing Device

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Air conditioners are frequently used during summers but it costs you a hefty electricity bill. Traditional AC’s can either cool your room during summers or heat it during winters. They do not optimize their performance but just do what they are programmed to do. Does that mean you should buy one of the smart AC’s to reduce your bills? Most people don’t move towards a new technology if the existing one is fulfilling the same purpose despite perks of smart tech.

Make ordinary AC smart

Keeping in view the reluctance towards the replacement, Sensibo offers an up-gradation solution. It’s not a complex procedure rather a combination of a small device and an application on your smart phone. The amazing part is it will work right out of the box with no extended setups and with all the different AC’s in your home. The only requirement is that your AC should come with a remote control. If you have an old window AC or a new split AC, you can make your home smart either way.

Use sensibo out of the box

Sensibo uses an IR technology to communicate with your AC. The sensibo is comprised of two parts: a mounting unit and a sensibo pod. The mounting unit is used to attach the pod on to any surface even on the AC itself. The sensibo pod then communicates with the AC using IR commands. You can send commands with your smart phone application which is available for iPhone, Android and pebble. If you have ACs from different companies, you can connect them all by simply using Sensibo hub. This hub can also connect to your internet router.

sensibo hub for connecting to multiple ACs

Let’s see how it can save energy and your pocket.

Sensibo can detect your presence in the room, if you go out it will turn your AC off. In addition if the weather is rainy it will suggest you to enjoy the cool breeze and switch off your AC. Sensibo constantly measures air temperature and humidity and adjust accordingly. This can save up to 40 % of energy. It gives timely notification for a clogged filter in the AC so that no hindrance occurs in performance.

mounting sensibo on AC

If you are away from the home it detects your mode of transportation and regulates the temperature accordingly. E.g. if you were on a bike, then probably a more cool room will be your preference. The device is SSL encrypted and completely secure.

The company has launched its campaign on indiegogo in May and plans to ship the first batch in 2015. If you like this idea and looking for investment then you can become an investor in the company too.

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