Make Ordinary Screen Protector Water And Scratch Resistant

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A screen protector is a must when an expensive smart phone is bought. You do not want that AMOLED screen to fall prey to your carelessness. Even with such measures taken the screen protector itself gets scratchy after a while. Though the screen remains brand new, it is of no use to you if it is under the so called screen protection. You end up either going to a shopkeeper for applying the screen protector or embark this frustrating work yourself with removing bubbles afterwards.

Puracoat resistant to pretty much everything

A new and innovative alternative called Puracoat just hit the market. A result of nanotechnology, this liquid can be applied to the screen or even on top of screen protector. It is scratch, dust, fingerprint, water or any liquid resistant and you can still use it seamlessly with no interruption in the functionality of the screen. A little something for “Neat Freaks” as well, this liquid can make your screen germ free. Amazed yet!


Puracoat is packaged into small sized bottle with 5ml fluid. One bottle can coat up to 4 smart phones or an iPad. It can stand a minimum of 3 months with re-coating applied after it. However, it also depends on usage. The liquid is fully transparent to the naked eye.


This project received enormous support on indiegogo and resulted in the production of first batch of bottles to be delivered this month.

Our Review:

Pros: Pretty much everything resistant, easy to apply, transparent to naked eye, does not effect touch sensors

Cons: Short usage span of about 3 months or lesser if screen used more, one time use quantity in bottle

Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. Rotten Ronnie

    I am a little suspicious about this product but have paid for 1 bottle @ that price . I am wondering why their target of $500 is so low ?

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