Make Private Cloud Around Your Desk With This Amazing Device

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If you search “Cloud Computing” on Google trends, you will see a growing interest statistics for this technology. Cloud Computing have helped not only start ups but also individuals. Start-ups can immediately set up their business without creating their own data centers. Individuals can back-up huge amount of data on the cloud which is easily accessible from anywhere. However, a huge benefit comes with a price too. Clouds can be insecure and someone can easily pry on your personal data. Be aware or you might end up as Hassan Elahi updating FBI every now and then.

Your own private cloud

Joke aside,, with a new concept of cloud, entered in Tech Crunch Disrupt held at Berlin, 2013. The idea was to create a private cloud in which you can control who can access your data. You can share and store your data in your own private cloud. It can be set up with the help of a small hard drive known as Sherlybox which connects to your network with just three taps on the device.

Sherlybox Tech crunch disrupt 2013 claims three features for its private cloud: Security, Storage and Speed. Security can be achieved by sharing your data from your local storage directly with people you allowed in your private network. does not move your data rather it’s securely shareable from your local storage. Since you are connected directly with the other person, full bandwidth is available which automatically increases the transfer speed.

safe and secure private cloud developed a secure connectivity protocol called GatelessVPN which allows a virtual private network with no central servers. Unlike other cloud sharing environment, it does not distribute copies of data rather just grants access while the two users communicate directly. has collected more than the intended goal on their KickStarter campaign. If you want to live a threat free life, go and purchase this product.


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