Make Your Own Air Conditioner At Home

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Summers are on but so are the high temperature, sweating and humidity.  On top of that to not be able to afford air-conditioner or even a cooler make this season worse. If you are less on money this summer and looking for affordable alternative, then follow our DIY tutorial for making an affordable air conditioner at home.

Materials Required

  • An old floor fan
  • A container – same size as the floor fan
  • A Copper coil
  • Plastic tubes
  • A pump
  • Zip-ties
  • Frozen water bottles


1. Prepare the container

First of all choose a container which looks presentable and has the same size as your fan in order for it to fit into the container. If same size container is difficult to find then simply cut the lower portion of fan and set the base to the bottom of the container with screws.

Make an air conditioner - container

2. Fit the coil

The second step is to remove the safety cover of the fan and fit the copper coil instead which is already in the right shape. You just need to bend one end in order to stretch it out from the center to the outer edge of the fan.  Take care to put both the coil ends on the same side at same level. Secure the coil on the fan using zip-ties which will help maintain the spiral structure of the coil.

fit the coil on the fan

fit the coil with zip ties

3. Attach plastic tubes and pump

Place the pump inside the container and fasten one end of the plastic tube to pump and the other to the coil. The pump determines the diameter of the platic tube. Pump is used to push ice cold water from the container up the tubes to the copper coil.

attach the plastic tube

4. Drill hole for power cord

To give a cleaner look, drill a small hole to the side of the container for passing the power cord from the hole. A 1-inch wide hole will be enough for the power cord. Seal the hole with caulk or spray foam.

home made air conditioner

Fill the container with water and place the frozen bottles in the container to make water cold. The cold water will run through the coil and give cool air.

Enjoy this summer with this home made air conditioner.

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