Make Your Own Fire Pit Using These Simple Steps

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Making your own modern style fire pit in the yard or garden is a task achievable in a few steps now!

It is not only easy but will save you a lot of money as well.

Here are the supplies you will need:

  1. Cement
  2. Fire Bricks
  3. Mortar
  4. Rebar
  5. ¾ inch gravel
  6. Lava Rock
  7. 2x4s and 2X6s along with 2.5 inch deck screws
  8. L-Brackets

And the tools that you will need are as follows:

  1. Cordless drill
  2. Circular saw
  3. Sliding compound miter saw with laser (optional)

The steps:

Make the outer frame by cutting four panels of 43.5 inches in length. L-brackets are used to join their corners.



Each of the panels consists of two pieces of 15 inch long 2×4 wood and two pieces of 2×6 which are connected by 2.5 inch deck screws.



The inner frame is made similarly but with two panels of 23 inch length. L brackets are placed on the inner side of the corners of panels. The whole assembly is then placed on the ground where fire pit has to be made and marks of 6 inches are put on the outside perimeter of the frame.

hmm_ep46_concretefirepit_step7Dig a hole of 8 inches depth in the marked area and compact the soil at the bottom to make it flat. Gravel is then spread upto 3/4 of the hole to make a flat base for the fire pit.   


The frame assembly is then placed above the compacted gravel. Make sure the frame is placed in correct position and fix its position with the help of deck screws.

hmm_ep46_concretefirepit_step8Fix the rebar into place. It should be driven down the gravel till 2 inches from the bottom.



A foundation has to be constructed then for which pouring of concrete is required upto 3.5 inch height. The concrete has to be later cured for 20 hours before laying the bricks. Above this layer, bricks are placed with the help of mortar. Another layer of concreter of 5 inches is then poured above it. More rebars can be placed as well to strengthen the concrete bond.

hmm_ep46_concretefirepit_step11a hmm_ep46_concretefirepit_step13

Screed the surface with a wooden float for leveling the concrete and after waiting for 30 minutes finishing should be done with a metal trowel.

hmm_ep46_concretefirepit_step15 (1)

Cover the concrete with boards and sheet and keep it moist for 48 hours using a water hose.



Remove the frame assembly and pour lava rock to cover the foundation.


Leave the completed fire pit for 30 days before lighting and for the first 3 months it should not be lit for more than 2 hours to prevent cracking.


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