Man Built Super Futuristic RV One For His Daughter

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Brian Farren, a 61 years old Californian inventor, designed and built an incredible futuristic RV to spend holiday time with his four years old daughter, Kira.  And so, the vehicle is named after his daughter, KiraVan. This millions of dollars one-off camper van is capable of travelling any terrain around the world. The vehicle includes office, kitchen, bedrooms, a popup tent on the roof and even its own motor bike and a drone. This vehicle can travel 2,000 miles without any resupply, features 22 cameras to monitor the traffic and has shock absorbing seats.

KiraVan RV one on Dirt Road

This is how the million dollar RV looks when closed and travelling on a dirt road.

KiraVan RV one opened

This RV is better equipped than most homes at 31 feet in length and more than 10 feet in height.

KiraVan RV one on mountain

KiraVan can travel any terrain around the world including the mountain and rocky areas.

KiraVan RV one closed

The KiraVan’s chassis has been expanded to adapt to all the additionals.

KiraVan RV one Roof top

The roof top hosts state of the art antennas and dishes for communication capabilities.

KiraVan RV one Cabin

The cockpit has a series of touch screen displays to monitor the vehicle’s health and navigational progess. It also contains a joystick operated situational awareness system to get the view from the 22 cameras and infrared thermal imagery.

KiraVan RV one office

These two computers will allow to see and control any aspect of the vehicle.

KiraVAn RV one Loft

KiraVan contains a full kitchen, dining area and a bunker on top.

Kiravan RV one Interior

A custom designed kitchen to prepare meals for a family of three with enough storage space to last for two weeks of travelling.

KiraVan RV one Gallery

KiraVan is equipped with a home entertainment system.

KiraVan RV one At Night

KiraVan can navigate slopes as steep as 45 degrees.

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