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A multitude of accounts and a slipping memory, this is the woe of an internet user. With so many social networks popping up, every one of them needs its own password. You can keep your password the same everywhere so that it makes it easier to memorize but then you risk every beginner level hacker getting all your information. Another difficulty is fitting the requirement of every site. One site requires a number, one requires a capital letter and the other requires a symbol in a password and

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 some sites require all three in a password. It becomes such a bother to remember one’s password that one often forgets.

We covered The Future of PIN Codes – Passwords with multiple colors and shapes alongside numbers. Today, we are featuring another possible solution called PINgrid.

PINgrid is an app that allows you to save a password that you remember through a pattern. It consists of four different colored grids, each laced with numbers. The trick is to choose numbers from each grid to make up your password and then remember the pattern. The grids are red, blue, yellow and green.


Every time the grid shows up again, the numbers are jumbled up so it gets harder for hackers to steal your passwords. PINgrid was designed for just this purpose, to make remembering passwords easier and hacking harder. PINgrid also places verification details behind the numbers so they can be used for transactions in internet banking. The website’s tagline is, “Simple. Memorable. Secure.” Well, we’ll find out soon enough.

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