Measure Air Quality Around You With This Device

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This device (an add-on to NODE) can measure how much Carbon dioxide is around you, then sends the information onto your smartphone wirelessly.

NODE is a cylindrical device that can literary measure anything around you. Either you want to measure temperature in the surrounding or you want to know how much are you working out – NODE is the right device for you. Comes with inbuilt gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer, NODE has the capacity to include add-on and modules to increase its features.

One of its add-on is recently designed to measure Carbon Dioxide level in your surrounding. With a capacity of detect the gas upto 400 parts per million, this add-on gets attached with your NODE device and send the information on your smartphone wirelessly. For the time being, this add-on is capable to take quick readings but developers hope to take extended time-period readings in a matter of months. So in other words, you can now measure the air quality around you, right in your hands.

It also features a small in-built battery, which can store the data recorded for half a day. Which means, if your smartphone is not around, or you want to measure CO2 level in prohibited areas it stores the data and sends it to your smartphone when it gets accessible. The module is compatible with the iPhone 4S and up models, as well as the iPad 3 and newer. It also runs on some newer Android phones, such as the Galaxy S3.

It surpassed the goal of $25,000 on kickstarter couple of weeks ago. So we can expect the device to give our surrounding information first hand in few months.

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