Meet Chocabyte – The Chocolate 3D Printer

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Chocolate is one of the greatest things in the entire universe, and that is not a perfunctory opinion. Chocolate lovers all over the globe will agree that almost anywhere, any time, chocolate is one of their top preferences for best food. 3D printers for chocolate are expensive, like all 3D printers for everything. The ChefJet can print all variety of shapes but it starts at $5000. The new one called Chocabyte though, is only $99 and is fully customizable. Chocabyte is being custom produced in Sydney, Australia and it seems that with their success, others will follow production.


The printer can print all sorts of shapes from chocolate either through the pre-installed software that comes with the printer or by downloading other shapes off the internet, or by making different shapes in the pre-installed software that requires no CAD knowledge. And if you’re still too lazy to do that, just take a picture of a shape and upload it to the 3D printer.


The printer requires chocolate cartridges which cost $10 for four. The chocolate in the cartridges need to be melted in a microwave or heated in hot water before printing and within a matter of minutes, delivers professional bon-bons to the table.

The printers are available for pre order and require 3 months for shipping. The printers are also limited edition as only 500 will be made.

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