Meet Foodini – A 3D Food Printer

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3D printing has turned the world upside down when it comes to creating things. First we thought it was only for making models for houses or cars, then we started hearing about printers that could create statues and bicycles and even entire houses and then we heard it could create food! Imagine having a bakery at your own home, one that can dish out fresh cookies ready to cook (if needed) or a bowl of pasta and some gravy to go with. This is the magic of Foodini!

3D chef

Foodini is essentially a Chef 3D printer. The novel thing about it, is that food is put in to it through capsules (the equivalent of printer cartridges) and the food comes out in any shape or size you want. The touch screen on Foodini greatly simplifies handling this wonder and results in a more relaxing cooking experience.

What Foodini has going for it, is that it is marketed as a device to deliver a nutritious, healthy meal to the table rather than satisfy one’s hunger for pleasure inducing fatty foods.


The device is currently in the prototype stage and is under funding from Kickstarter. The goal is to raise a $100000 to develop this idea in to a full fledged marketable product but the starting price is reported to be quite high, $999.

The printer is not as large nor as tedious to handle as one would expect, its about the size of a mini microwave and will make the job even easier than before. The kitchen is usually a stress filled environment, luckily this will help cool things down.

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