Meet Lumen – A Bicycle That Glows In Dark

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According to a report, every year in Great Britain around 19,000 cyclists are either killed or severely injured in road side accidents. These statistics include only reported accidents to the police. The reason for increase in cyclists involved in road side accidents is the carelessness of the driver.  The drivers usually argue that they were not able to see the cyclist on the road because of the dark or vision-impaired weather conditions. The problem has just been solved by this new invention.


Mission Bicycle, a 2008 Company from San Francisco, created a retro-reflective city bicycle known as Lumen. This bicycle is a normal vehicle by day but a glow in the dark object by night. It uses the simple physics of reflection. Any light that strikes the bicycle is reflected back creating a glow effect.

Usually the materials used for reflection at night include decals, stickers, tape or vinyl but only for 2-D surfaces. Lumen could have used one of these materials but to add grace to the design the company went one step further. They created an entirely new painting process for 3-D surfaces from exclusive partnership with Halo Coatings. This special coating contains hundreds of thousands of transparent spheres, which are applied with an electrostatic charge to fasten them to the rims and frame of the bicycle.  The light from the bicycle at night can be seen at a distance of 1000 feet.


The company has put their product on KickStarter. They would require $15000 funding to reach manufacturing minimum and bring the product to the market. The bike costs $1,245. The company has also developed accessories for the bicycle. It is a good initiative from Mission Bicycle for saving precious human lives.

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