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In Japan, after the World War II, people had to stand in long queues in order to fulfill their food requirements with a mere bowl of Ramen. Inspired from the situation, Momofuku Ando created the first noodle making machine in his back yard. He wanted to provide tasty, inexpensive, pre-cooked and dried seasoned noodles which can be prepared within minutes by just adding hot water.

instant noodles

Since then Instant Noodles have taken variety of packaging and flavors from chicken, beef, vegetable to specialized Chilli Crab, Thai Tom Yum, Korean Kimchi and Pakistani Chicken Tikka.

According to a Marketing Executive at Nissan Food Asia, in 2010 over 90 billion servings of instant noodles were consumed around the globe. With these stats, it makes sense to develop Noodle Maker bringing soupy noodles right in consumers home. This is exactly what Philips has done.

Philip noodle maker appliance

Philips Noodle Maker is an appliance which can churn out ready-to-cook noodles strips if you put the right ingredients into the machine. The main elements used in factory noodles are flour and water carefully measured with the controlled temperature. However, using Philip machine, you can add all the components at once such as flour, water, eggs and any other flavors, press the button and sit back.

Philip noodle maker machine

The machine will mix the ingredients, knead the dough, cut and dry the strips producing 500 grams of noodles in 15 minutes for serving up to four people. You can experiment with the ingredients and try out new flavors that you always wanted.

The Philip Noodle Maker comes with four extrusion caps to cut the noodles in any shape such as udon, soba, ramen or spaghetti.

philip noodle maker cuts out different shape strips

The countertop appliance is available in Hong Kong markets for now. It will soon be available in Taiwan, Japan and USA The appliance will cost around $300.

Check out the noodle maker in the video below and share your noodle experience with us in the comment section below.

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  1. super!!!!!!!!!
    Is a gift without charge, but for advertising in POLAND and Europe can I get one piece of equipment to make pasta (Philip Noodle Maker) from Momofuku Ando?
    Thank in advance!

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