Meet The Bizarre Glass App That Detects Human Emotions

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Human emotions are too complex to be detected unless you have sharp eyes or the other person wears his emotions right on his face. The real difficulty lies in reading the emotions of a blank face which carries one expression in pretty much every situation. In spite of this, we do hope that this new Google Glass app will help us discern the true feelings of another person. Now we are not sure how accurately will it be able to differentiate between a murderous and a mischievous emotion?

German researchers at Fraunhofer Institute have developed a Google Glass software based on facial recognition technology named as The Shore Human Emotion Detector. This app can predict age, gender and emotion just through the facial expression.

Google Glass Human Emotion Detector 1

The Google Glass cameras captures the live feed, submit it to the facial recognition app and displays the result on the screen which remains active throughout the process. All calculations are performed in real time by the embedded CPU in the eye wear. However, the privacy of the collected data is maintained as this data is said to never leave the device.

The problem is you will look creepy as you tilt your head upward to check the display screen result and at the same time trying to concentrate at the other person. 50% of Google Glass charge will drop quickly providing only 10 minutes of creepy-mode time.

Google Glass Human Emotion Detector 2

The app successfully measures emotions such as anger, happiness, sadness and surprise. The research team claims that this has opened a door to new smart eyewear applications for people with disorders such as autism who have difficulty in interpreting facial expressions. The visually impaired people can also benefit from this software since it provides audio information about people in the surroundings.

There has always been concerns regarding the google glass but this app is first of its kind to be able to perform facial recognition in real time. Perhaps if this technology was embodied within an easy to use device, it would have been more appealing to customers.

Check out Human Emotion Detector in the video below.

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