Meet The City That Aims To Become Car Free In 20 Years

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Cars were supposed to get the flying ability in 10 to 20 years but instead plans are underway to remove this mode of transportation in favor of more sustainable and alternative modes. Yes, this is exactly the plans for Hamburg, a city in Germany, to be accomplished in next 20 years.

Large Green Car Free Network In Hamburg Germany 3

Hamburg city council hopes to build large green networks by moving most of its cars away from the city’s main roads. They will connect the pedestrians and cycle lanes which will comprise of a layout where all the existing parks, community gardens, and cemeteries will be bridged together. This will allow pedestrians and cyclists to reach every area of the city on foot all the while enjoying the greenery.

Large Green Car Free Network In Hamburg Germany 2

The completion of the project will leave Hamburg with 17,000 acres of green spaces which will make 40% of the city’s area. The ambitious plan will reduce the need to take out cars on weekend outings and people can explore the city on foot or bike. However, cars will still be able to commute on the main thoroughfares of the city.

One official spoke about the project, “Residents can hike, swim, do water sports, enjoy picnics and restaurants, experience calm, and watch nature and wildlife right in the city.”

Large Green Car Free Network In Hamburg Germany

Another aim of the project is to fight against the threat of rising temperatures and urban flooding. It’s a pressing issue since the average temperature in Germany’s second-largest city has risen by 9 degrees Celsius in just half a century.

Hamburg is not the only city rather other locations around the world are also submitting to greener design which will support future generations to come. This is a great initiative to create a future world which will be less robotic and closer to nature.

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