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Philosophers say time is endless, infinity or beyond measurable; yet mankind devised methods to measure time in form of seconds, minutes, hours, days and so on. Centuries ago, they followed the stars to calculate time and finally invented various kinds of clocks including sundial, clepsydra, hourglass and others.

Once the clock took the basic form, the interior tech remained almost same but the exteriors changed rapidly. Clock took the form from pendulum to round wall clock to traditional wristwatches. Each category designed and altered to fit the needs of the era.

wood wrist watch

Grovemade, a Portland Oregon based studio has manufactured an elegant wooden wrist-watch. The analog watch has a complete wooden face with circular hands that follows a circular path.

elegant wooden watch

There are four models of this wrist-watch based on different wood materials and case-shapes like square and round. The analog watch gives a unique flavor of Oregon Claro Walnut and Eastern Hardrock Maple. The watch is equipped with stainless steel casing and easily removable battery.

analog wood watch

Stefan Andren, a seasoned watch designer helped designed the clock. The wooden clock metal backing is machined in Oregon while the wooden elements were sanded and oiled by hand.

Grovemade want you to look up from your smart phones screen and immerse in the natural beauty around you. The elegant analog watch is available for a pre-order for $199.

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