Meet The Gigantic Military Airbase in the Middle of Nowhere

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Davis-Monthan- an airbase of 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (309 AMARG) which are responsible for the repair work of the military airplanes is located in most unexpected places i-e Arizona’s Tucson desert and with a size equal to 1300 football pitches, it is the largest boneyard in the world. Microsoft Bing has recently come up with startling 3D view of it created with the help of satellite imagery. It is being used by the military for the past 60 years as a facility for long-term plane storage.

Davis-Monthan_Air_Force_Base_Tucson_Arizona_Air_Force_Aircraft_Boneyard_Picture a4skyhawksatdavismonthanafb


An aviation author, Nick Veronico, said, “As long as there are aircraft flying, military and commercial aircraft boneyards will always be necessary to keep other planes in the air. Each of the storage yards typically performs a variety of functions from storing aircraft that are temporarily out of service but expected to return to the fleet, to reclaiming useable parts which are inspected, overhauled, and then held until needed by active aircraft, to dismantling of the aircraft carcasses.”



The kind of planes in the boneyard are A10 Thunderbolts, F-14 Tomcat fighters and Hercules freighters.


The choice of an unusual location is the most exciting feature of The Boneyard undoubtedly. The advantage of choosing a desert is its climate with low humidity and very less rainfall useful in preventing rusting. The hardened soil also makes it easier to park aircrafts without having the need of build concrete ramp.


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