Meet The Guy Who Took ALS Bucket Challenge To Whole New Level

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has proven to be the most successful marketing strategy in history; raising more than $100 million funding for the disease – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). As always, with great popularity comes conspiracies, criticism and in this case; awkward, crazy, embarrassing and attention-seeking videos. This challenge has consumed Americans and people all around the world for the past one month. According to an online writer, the challenge is a satanic ritual (Ok, a typical conspiracy!) and by any chance if it is; then Satan must be very happy with Dave Hax.

Dave Hax - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Digger Style

Dave Hax, a British took the ice bucket challenge to a whole new level. He did not use just any bucket, but a much larger bucket and named his challenge as “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Digging Style”.

Dave Hax - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Digger Style -2

The video uploaded to his Youtube channel, started off like any other video giving a funny edge due to the British style music and the British accent.

Dave Hax - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Digger Style 3

The big surprise came when he was about to dump the ice bucket over his head. Well, you need to watch the video below to know what happened next. We are not sure about Satan but Dave Hax has set a new trend to this challenge.

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