Meet The Ice cream That Changes Color When You Lick It

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If you ever wished to visit Willy Wonka’s factory or Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour then look no further because this Spanish physicist has brought the fiction to reality with his magical ice cream recipe.

Xamaleon is a new kind of ice-cream which changes color from blue to purplish pink as you lick it. The credits for the recipe of this color changing ice cream goes to a Spanish physicist and engineer Manuel Lenares.

ice cream that changes color

Lenares is secretive about his magical recipe but he assures that no chemical ingredients were used. He hasn’t given away the core ingredient but he did mention a few commonly used ingredients in a tutti-frutti flavor such as strawberries, banana, pistachio, vanilla, caramel, cocoa and almonds.

He calls the secret ingredient as “love elixir” which is sprayed on ice cream right after it is made. When the ice cream is licked or when it melts, the temperature difference triggers the acids in the ice cream to change color.

xamaleon ice cream changes color when licked

Lenares discussed his innovative ice cream with his culinary teacher who just laughed at the idea. The ice cream however, went viral after it was first reported a few days ago.

Xamaleon is currently being sold at his ice cream parlor IceXperience in the town of Blanes, Girona, north of Barcelona. However, Lenares is looking to expand the business across the world.

Lenares has other ice cream inventions in mind, like a glowing ice-cream when exposed to UV light.

Lenare says, “I am a huge fan of the British ice cream genius Charlie Francis, the creator of a fluorescent ice and founder of the company Lick Me Delicious, and I wanted to create an ice cream that changed color to try and do something new as well.”

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