Meet The Mini Printer For Your iPhone Screen Shots

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Printers have taken a lot of different forms lately; from bulky office-use printers to home printers to 3D printers and mini portable printers. The increasing demand of smart phones and tablets has led today to the invention of the mini portable printers. Now you can print documents, emails, memos, photos directly from your smart phone anytime anywhere.

iPhone accessories have always been the favorite item for production from manufacturers. A few of them are useful but a lot of others are weird and unnecessary.

iphone display screen printer rolto

This Japanese firm, King Jim, has come up with another iPhone accessory – Rolto Printer. This printer can print a screen shot of your iPhone onto a paper in black and white.

The printer connects to your iPhone over Wi-Fi through a free app. The application is in Japanese but you can still understand it through the graphical interface of the app. Using this official app, you can print your iPhone’s display screens; such as web pages, photos, emails, maps, notes and more.

rolto mini portable iphone printer

The advantage of the printer is that if your page is long enough to exceed the phone’s display, it will still get printed just like receipt. The printer uses a roll of paper and it doesn’t matter how much scrolling the display page requires. Using the printer you can easily print and share your favorite recipe without taking the phone into the kitchen or share map directions with anyone who asks for it.

Rolto Printer includes a roll with monochrome thermal printing and a resolution of 203 dpi. The printer dimensions are large 75x84x39 mm with a weight of 150 grams. The printer is on sale for a price tag of $261.

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