Meet The Most Powerful Water Gun Of The World With 40 Feet Range

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Up for a water fight competition this summer? The thrill of throwing water balloons and shooting water guns at others eradicates the harsh summer heat. You spend the entire time laughing and enjoying yourself, making round trips to the water supply, refilling the balloons & guns, dropping a few at others etc. What if you can double the fun with this powerful gun that can shoot at 40 feet range?

water gun shoots forty feet

Alex Begrave, an engineer in London, has designed the most powerful water gun that can hold 10 liters of water. This water gun has a firing range of 40 feet and valued at €1,250. Amazingly, it took Alex 50 hours to design and build the gun from scratch.

You can easily make this water gun at home. All the parts used were obtained from everyday life, joined together to give the final shape to this mighty gun.

water gun based on gatling machine gun

The water gun design is similar to the forerunner of modern machine gun, the rapid-fire Gatling gun. Understanding the Gatling’s working principle was a crucial step to implement this powerful water gun.

Windscreen wiper constructed the rotation mechanism for the gun. This wiper is high powered, easy to handle and can be bought at cheap second-hand price. Pump was made using the walking pole while plumbing pipes were used for the pipes in the pistol. Both of these are easily available from the local market. Laser cutting carved the custom pistols, valves and injectors. All these 55 different components were glued together using Sugru, a silicon-made strong and flexible rubber.

most powerful water gun

Now the core ingredient for 40 ft shooting range is a backpack carbon dioxide tank which exerts pressure onto the fire extinguishers to shoot water at a distance. You can add some food dye color to water jets to make water fighting more epic.

Are you planning to use this gun in the summers? Tell us more in the comment section below.

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