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Design to Innovation (DTOI) is a Hong Kong based company which has manufactured the world’s first wireless 2-in-1 scanning computer mouse. Here is what you need to know about this mouse.

40 dpi resolution scanner mouse

If you have to scan any document and use it on your PC, laptop or iPad; you will probably go for a bulky scanner at home. The use of Zcan can save you the effort done and money spent on scanning. This wireless computer mouse can both be your pointing device on the computer monitor and a scanner.

wirless scanner computer mouse

You need to swipe your Zcan over your document or image and see it appear instantly on screen. The wireless scanner has a resolution of 40 dpi and the scanned image can be saved in excel, word, pdf, jpg, bitmap and PNG formats. It also allows you to edit the scanned document e.g. it will be easier to edit a scanned excel table then to type it all down.

translate any language with zcan mouse scanner

An amazing feature of the document is it avoids the language barrier by using technology like OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Google Translate. This allows the mouse the capability to scan and translate in over 199 languages.

zcan wireless mouse scanner for artisits

If you are an artist and want to instantly share your work with your design team, then Zcan can scan any art work while maintaining the quality. Students can focus on more important things like learning concepts instead of scanning bulky course notes. This will make you more productive, organized, focused and smart in your day to day matters.

scan any document with wirless mouse scanner

Zcan operates at 2.4 Ghz both for using as the mouse and transmitting scanned document to the screen through Wi-Fi. It has a Li-Ion battery, hence longer working hours. The scanning software, SLAM, is programmed by a Swiss company Dacuda. Dacuda has already been using this software for their portable wireless scanner; Pocketscan.

Technology like Zcan was available before but it required wire such as LSM-100 from LG and IRIScan mouse. If you liked this idea, help the company in mass production through their Indiegogo Campaign.

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