Meet The Plane of Future: Progress Eagle

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Have you ever wondered how planes of the future will be like? Here is a look:


Artist`s vision of plane in 2030

A designer based in Barcelona, Oscar Viñals has come up with a concept plane of the future which has three decks and generates power while in flight.


The wing will be able to fold partially for maneuvering in airport


Wingspan of the plane is 96m


It is 75 times quieter compared to the conventional plane and sports 800 passenger capacity. It will be using 6 Hydrogen fuel engines instead of fossil fuel! Presently, Airbus A380 (World`s largest Airliner) has a capacity of 525 persons. It has been titled AWWA-QG Progress Eagle.


Initially, a central engine will be driven with the help of an assembly of five super-conductive engines for the take off and after the plane attains optimum altitude, the central engine will shut down and begin to generate electricity from the air that flows through it. While in flight, the plane will also generate power through the solar panels present on it. The overall design has been done to make the plane a zero carbon producer. The plane shall be built using lightweight vehicles like aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber and ceramics.



Mr. Viñals said, “The Progress Eagle is based in the technology beyond 2030 with ideas from quantum mechanics, if we consider the evolution of current technology and future progress in uses of theoretical physics solutions. Today we can find these technologies in the most advanced laboratories around the world (universities, private companies, government installations) and in the theories of the best scientifics. For these reasons, the innovations that the Progress Eagle presents could be available in fifteen years’ time. The most relevant aspects about this “Super Jet” would have a closer relation with quantum mechanics, we can simplify the airplane concept like a “Mega” energy’s particle with special specifications more orthodox than we can found in today’s physics.”

Check out Progress Eagle in flight in the video below:

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