Meet The Puzzle Inspired Sweet Potatoes

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Food often offers a great game to brighten up your mood. Like twirling spaghetti around the fork; setting a battle field between chicken and salad, trying to devise the best strategy for goal scoring in your next football game or making funny pictures on plate. There are countless ways to play with your food particularly when you have a creative mind.

playing with your food

Monarch US Foods came up with an innovative menu item; a special puzzle sliced potatoes shaped like the bricks from famous Nokia Cell Game –Tetris. You can put these T-shaped potatoes on one another to form a tower of your choice or a straight Tetris piece. Perhaps, the only way to eat this tower will be to break it, eat it and then make another one.

tetris nokia game

The puzzle potatoes can be baked and fried but we recommend frying because playing with delicious food is more fun. These sliced potatoes are available in both 2D and 3D form. You can make your tower stand up with 3D bricks.

According to Monarch, the puzzled potatoes contain 15% less sodium as compared to other similar food available in market. It has 30% less fat when baked and 0g of trans fat.

Puzzle potatoes take you to the nokia game

play and eat puzzle potatoes

US Foods is the first to market the puzzle sliced potatoes. This product can be a kid’s menu side item, a snack or a treat paired with healthy dipping sauce.

There has been no price listing yet but we are definitely planning to buy this mouthwatering food. Are you? Share with us in the comment section below.


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