Meet The Ring With Over 1000 Gestures Control

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The technology for gestures control has been around for a couple of years. Identifying human gestures through mathematical algorithms have been integrated in smart phones and tablets, such as converting handwriting-to-text etc. Now it is not limited to just that and has come right in the power of user’s fingers.

Logbar Inc. has been working on software, hardware and product design since 2013. There latest product is Ring which went under several prototype designs before commercially ready in early 2014.

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The ring, a wearable input device for your index finger can let you control anything from gestures, text transmission to payments. All you need is to write in the air and you can send a text, make payments and even control home devices.


The Ring analyzes your gesture and sends it to the smart device through Bluetooth. The gestures could be customized by the user. Imagine that you can send a text message while resting or waiting in the traffic or you can turn on your light with a movement of your finger. This device could be either connected directly to any device running a Ring’s software or through a hub.It will be available in six different ring sizes. It can let you do 1000 gestures in a single charge.

The company has made available SDKs for developers to make innovative applications for this technology.  These applications can be downloaded from Ring store.


Ring has taken wearable devices to a whole new level. In near future, we may not see people indulged into smart phones oblivion of their surroundings. We may see them wearing technology not only for its utility but as a fashion accessory as well.

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