Meet The Tallest Garden In The World – Clear Point Sri Lanka

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One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, a place of incredible beauty where modern architecture met nature and produced a sight that was known throughout the great kingdoms of the era. One that is much taller and perhaps more directed towards helping the environmental cause is being built in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Clear Point Tower

The building is called Clearpoint Residencies and in essence is a garden woven into an apartment building. The project has costed $55 million and will include 164 three bedroom apartments with 4 on each floor. The building – 46 stories high will be the official tallest vertical garden in the world. Businessmen have already booked most of the apartments as only they can, each apartment costs around 40 to 48 million Sri Lankan Rupees.

That however, is not the point of the building. It will be a mostly self sufficient building, running on power from the solar panels attached to the roof and any extra energy it generates will be sold to the national grid. The plethora of flora will clean the surrounding air and act as a filtration system for the city of Colombo. The water for the plants will be stored and filtered rain water or recycled waste water, cutting down 45% of the water supply needed by the tower leaving more for the residents of the city.

Worlds tallest garden

As if that wasn’t enough, the architects for this building didn’t forget comfort. Sri Lanka being a tropical country is really hot. The trees in the building will act as natural heat insulators. They will also block out unwanted sound and light and create a peaceful environment for the tenants.

Clear Point Tower Inside

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