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If you ever used a type writer in your life, then chances are that you are an old school person lost in modern technology. Even if you somehow managed to learn to type on both physical and virtual keyboard; typing on typewriter may have been more comfortable. And that’s exactly why Brian Min of Qwerkytoys felt the same way.

mechanical keyboard

Qwerkytoys have manufactured the first mechanical keyboard – Qwerkywriter. The stand out feature for this keyboard is the inspiration from traditional typewriters. It is an 84 key, USB, Bluetooth enabled keyboard that gives a clicky feel of a classic typewriter while typing.

This mechanical keyboard is designed with custom typewriter inspired key caps to give the genuine look. The typewriter’s clicky feel is due to the use of Cherry MX Blue switches for the keyboard.

mechanical keyboard with clicky type writer keys

The typewriter inspired keyboard comes with an integrated tablet stand and a USB cable which can be connected to the keyboard via a mini-USB port. The stand can be used with a wide range of tablets which are up to 5/8 inches thick.

mechnical keyboard with a tablet stand

The default layout of the keyboard is for windows while for MAC users alternate command keys are provided. This keyboard can be used with desktop, laptop and tablet.

mechanical keyboard used with desktop

Qwerkytoys have given the demo of a hand built prototype on their Kickstarter campaign page. The final version of the mechanical keyboard will be CAD engineered, machine tooled and factory built.

The price tag in mass production is expected to fall between $280 to $300.

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