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Technology has become like fashion, it picks up certain trends which spread like fire, then the fire extinguishes and the next thing we know, another trend takes place. A few examples include face time, troll face and the current trend of posting insane selfies on social media. There are countless types of selfies such as ‘the morning selfie’, ‘the bathroom selfie’, ‘the duck face selfie’, ‘the collage selfie’, and ‘the celebrity selfie’– the latest type is ‘bread toast selfie’.


Burnt Impressions, a start-up company, which brought the Jesus Toaster last year, has came back with the idea of a Custom Toaster. With only a $75 gadget device, you can have your selfie imprinted on your bread every morning.

selfie in photoshop

The custom toaster is a five step process and takes 10 days to complete. The first step is to upload your digital photograph to the company’s website. The team then uses Photoshop to make the picture right which is suitable for the toaster. It helps if you send a HD picture with white background.

selfie in cad program

The second step is to put the picture in CAD software which figures out the cut lines for the CNC plasma machine.

The third step is to feed the edited photograph to the machine which uses high-heat plasma to embed the image on a metal plate.

selfie cut on metal plate

selfie plate in toaster

The fourth step is to smooth the metal edges with the sand paper. And the last step is to insert the metal plates inside the toaster which makes two toasts at a time each with your selfie.

bread toast selfie

You can place your custom toaster order right here. The toaster will offer many uses such as you can be an ultimate selfie king or queen, you might not have to see your face in the mirror or better yet you can gift the toaster to a person who hates you just to irritate them. We are still not sure if you will be willing to eat your face; in a non-literal way ofcourse.

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