Meet The Watch That Keeps You Awake

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Falling asleep might be a natural action but it often leaves you in misery without your realization. 1/3rd of road accidents in the United States occur because of it.

Innovators have however tried to overcome the issue with different devices. Recently, a Google Glass App was created, which keeps you alert by monitoring your eyes movement during driving. We also saw a headset recently that was specially designed to alert you while dozing off. All such devices have a short-coming; they have to be worn specifically for the said purpose, without any parallel use.

These guys have come up with a brilliant idea to address the issue using hand watch. Spark is a watch that keeps you awake in parallel to displaying time. The watch features two motion sensors; accelerometer and 3D motion sensor alongside 1.63-inch full color LED screen. The sensors detect and measure user’s movement when prompted.

watch to keep you awake

A 12 volt vibration motor buzz to awake the user when it does not sense relative movement for a longer period of time. The watch is made of stainless steel case and features a square shaped LED screen, which is water resistant. The present lithium-ion battery can last 6 day on full charge.

stay awake using this watch

You can get Spark by pledging on its Kickstarter campaign for $49. The retail price later is planned to increase as high as $149.

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