Meet The World’s First Vertical Cable Car

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For years, London Eye (millennium wheel) has been enjoying the fame of being the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. This architectural marvel has also been featured for destruction in many block buster movies. A decade ago, the design was an engineering wonder for many but today, we are going to reveal here something that might take it over.

vertical cable car the tallest skyline

Meet Brighton’s i360. It is the world’s first ‘vertical cable car’, designed by architecture firm Marks Barfield. This architectural piece will be the highest observation tower in the UK, located just outside of London. The construction of the tower started last month and is expected to be completed by 2016. This is how it looks like:

vertical cable car london

The Brighton’s i360 will have two primary sections: a vertical tower and a glass viewing pod which covers 360 degree view. The pod will ascend the tower following the basic principle of standard cable car. It will reach a height of 138 meters above sea level in about 20-minutes and 200 people can ride at a single time.

vertical cable car can carry 200 people

The vertical cable car, once opened for public, will attract 700,000 visitors a year generating revenue of £25m. Imagine having a bird’s eye view of South Downs national park on one side and the south coast on the other extending 20-30 miles on both sides.

The ground level will host a large restaurant, retail spaces, an exhibition space and conference spaces.

vertical cable car rising 138 meters

There was a strong opposition from the local groups against the project which delayed it for eight years. The reason was that about £36.2m for the project were to be funded through loans whereas the total cost was estimated to be £46.2m. Another reason was that the design will dominate other skylines which are lower than the Brighton’s i360.

vertical cable car london opening ceremony

Amidst all the criticism, a ground breaking ceremony took place last week and it was hoped that the building will win over the hearts of the critics once it gets completed.

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