Meet The World’s Largest Dome Structure

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Earlier this month we reported the plan of the world’s largest mall to be built in Dubai. The mall is expected to get a lot of “World’s first” titles in terms of architectural buildings and facilities.

dome shaped national stadium

Singapore has also joined Dubai in building exceptional architectures with the inauguration of Singapore Sports Hub. The hub is the Asia’s first integrated sports, leisure, entertainment and lifestyle sports center located at the central point of its expanding city.

The best part of the Sports Hub is National Stadium – a state of the art dome structure sports venue designed to host athletics, football, rugby and cricket all in one venue. The stadium hosts movable roof and retractable seats helpful in preparing for a certain sports event within 48 hours and accommodating 55,000 people.

dome shaped movable roof

dome shaped stadium at singapore

The national stadium is the pivotal point in connecting all parts of the hub through a paved public path. The stadium has a dome structure which measures 310m in diameter and will be the world’s largest free spanning dome structure surpassing the nearest rival Texas Cowboys Stadium.

dome shaped stadium for different sporting events

The interior seating bowl and dome roof opens towards the city skyline which creates a close relationship with the city. This will provide a magnificent view of the city on Singapore’s National Parade Day.

Singapore Sports Hub is built on a 35 hectare site and constructed by DP architects. DP Architects have been playing key role in building Singapore since independence.

dome shaped stadium provides beautiful city view

Apart from the National Stadium, the hub also includes 6,000 capacity aquatic center, multi-purpose indoor arena with a 3,000 seating and a retail area that contains a water park and rock-climbing facility. The Sports hub also serves a library, museum, and a water center for canoeing, kayaking and a park for skating, jogging and cycling.

The Government of Singapore wanted to promote nation-wide healthy and active society through the sports hub under the project of “Sports Singapore Vision 2030”. This first of its kind Sports Hub will encourage everyday public participation in recreational activities throughout the year.

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