Meet The World’s Largest Suspension Pedestrian Bridge

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The world’s longest and highest suspension pedestrian bridge has opened in Sochi Sky Park, Russia. If you are in for a thrill expedition, then bungee jumping from this bridge will definitely count for your future bragging rights. It may be considered as an artificial experience but this will give you an adrenalin rush no other sport ever can.

worlds highest bridge in russia

The bridge is the longest suspended walk-way which spreads about 500 meters across the valley at a height of 640-ft from ground. About half way across the bridge there is the highest bungee jump over water in the world.

highest suspension bridge in russia

The bridge is strong enough to carry a load of 300 tonnes – means even big dump trucks can drive across this bridge. However, this bridge is designed only for people. The bridge remains suspended at such height through eight 52 mm thick cables.

Over the weekend, the employees from the travel agencies tested the bungee jump from a 69 meter height. The bungee jump was tested before hand to ensure safety through a load equal to human weight attached to the rope. The rope used is capable for about 1000 bungee jumps without degradation in performance. However, after 400 jumps the rope will be cut into small parts to be sold in local market. This rope can stretch 5-6 times in length and each single thread can hold 1.5 kg weight.

bungee jump in sochi sky park

bungee jump from worlds highest bridge

bungee jump excitment

bungee jump from worlds longest bridge

The entrance to the sky park will cost you 700 ruble (US $20) which will cover a stroll across the bridge. You can have an aerial view of beautiful Mzymta and Trout Farm. The bridge is designed with multiple safety factors, so there is nothing to fear about.

The ticket for bungee jump will cost you 5000 rubles (US $143), but the second jump will have 20% discount. There will also be other discounts available.

This engineering wonder will attract a lot of tourists from around the world which will benefit Russia economically.

When are you planning to visit this Sochi Sky Park? Even if not, check out the amazing video below to feel the thrill and excitement.

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