Meet Wallmart Monstor Transport Truck

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WalmartWalmart is the largest retailer in the world. It’s chain of stores expands across 27 countries and it is the largest company by revenue in the world. It’s famous for it’s discount stores and wide range of products and is a household name all over the west. The sheer volume of their goods is astounding and they spare no expense in transporting them to all their stores.

Walmart has built a monster that looks more like a spaceship than a truck. Its called the Walmart Advance Vehicle Experience (WAVE) truck and is all the buzz in the heavy vehicle world. It includes a turbine powered, range-extending series hybrid powertrain.

Keeping with the latest trends, Walmart has made this truck out of carbon fibers rather than steel, saving 4000 pounds of weight that will only leave more space to carry weight. In an attempt to carry on its proud tradition of efficiency, Walmart’s truck has broken new ground to introduce a cleaner and faster way to transport more goods in less time. Their trucks get more mileage per gallon than most trucks in the world.

Walmart WAVE Truck

This is part of a goal Walmart set for itself in 2005 to double it’s efficiency by 2015. It has already achieved 80% of its goal and its aiming to reach its target by the deadline. This included the acquisition of 2000 hydrogen powered trucks. Walmart has proudly stated on its website that they have transported 361 million more cases while driving 287 million less miles.

The Walmart Advanced Vehicle

Walmart’s proud tradition of saving energy and delivering maximum services is going to continue with the WAVE truck.

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