Mercedes Tests Its First Autonomous Truck On Highway

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We will be living an autonomous life very soon in the future. And this prediction is based on solid facts, such as the horde of technologies being made to eliminate the human need. From Google’s self-driving cars to drones, every aspect of our life is transforming to a self-moving world.

Following footsteps of Google, Dailmer Trucks has partially unveiled its Mercedes-Benz driverless Future Truck 2025. It was an initiative taken for changing the future of transportation to conserve resources and reduce emissions.

mercedes future truck 2025

The autonomous truck demonstration did not unveil many details as its exterior was disguised using adhesive black & white foil and cockpit was clothed with a protective black leather material. However, few details revealed were enough to judge the high end technology truck will feature, once debuted in 2025.

mercedes future truck 2025 dasboard

The Future Truck 2025 is technologically based on 2014 Mercedes-Actros which is the reason for calling it a “Highway Pilot”. Like Actros, the self-driving truck is expected to produce 449 hp using standard power transmission equipment.

Unlike Google self-driving car, autonomous truck is based on radar technology for carefully driving on the road. Radar sensors are fixed in the lower area of the front end. These sensors scan the road ahead for both short and long range. The short range radar sensor has a range of 70 m with 130 degree scan radius while the long range radar sensor can sense up to 250 m with 18-degree scan segment.

mercedes future truck 2025 details

Left and right side of the truck are monitored with another pair of radar sensors installed to the sides of the truck. They have a range of 60 m and cover an angle of 170 degrees.

The autonomous truck is also empowered with a stereo camera connected with the dash support behind the wind screen. The camera monitors the road surface identifying single-and double-lanes, pedestrians, moving and stationary objects of 100m and a scan area of 45 degrees horizontally and 27 degrees vertically.

mercedes future truck network communication range

The Future Truck 2025 will have the capability of vehicle to infrastructure communication. It will be able to send information such as vehicle position, model, direction of speed and travel, acceleration and braking to the traffic control center. Based on the information the control center can then open up additional lanes or send a warning message for roadworks ahead.

A technology like this will alter the life of truck drivers for the better as they will be more transport managers than truckers. For now, Mercedes is focused on developing the truck for use in European Union countries.

See the future truck in the video below and share your thoughts with us.

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