Future Cars Will Predict Your Needs For Smooth Driving Experience

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Mitsubishi is one of the world’s leading auto makers and is a household name in electronics. With car tech increasingly improving by allowing you to do anything from playing angry birds and doodle jump while you drive to advanced navigating systems that never let you get lost, car companies have to go that extra mile for some consumers who are interested in those features.


Mitsubishi has announced that it will soon release its own very smart car that will be able to take you for the smoothest ride. Every ride’s “smoothness” so to speak, depends on the atmosphere and the ambiance. A horrible traffic jam can be made bearable by switching on some tunes that allow the driver to breathe and settle. The Human-Machine-Interface in the car will suggest audio/visual settings and climate control and navigation system and even settings for your phone so that a crucial moment won’t be interrupted by a pesky phone call from you pesky relatives or annoying friends.

They (Mitsubishi) claim that in under 15 seconds the atmosphere will be set for you to cruise in your car. The settings can be chosen by voice or button commands and will be shown on a Heads Up Display.Mitsubishi Prototype

This technology is still in the prototype stage and will require significant testing before it hits the market. The only working prototypes are still arcade type car racing games in Mitsubishi headquarters.

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