Monitor Live Weather On Your Smartphone With This Little Device

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Do you need a high-tech meteorological tool for your camping expeditions, mountain climbing, surfing, boating or simply a flare for adventure? It becomes handy to plan next trip if you are aware of weather condition. Is it wise to pull up the mast to combat the angry clouds or keep it down in clear sky?

compact weather device

Skywalker Windoo, a product by Swiss company JDC Electronics SA, is a portable and compact complete weather station. The device can fit in your key-chain and plug into your smartphone’s headphone jack to monitor live weather on demand.

When plugged in to your smart phone, this weather tracking device measures the wind speed, temperature, humidity and pressure displaying immediate results in the compatible application. You can view, store or plot the map of the data right inside the app. and even share your weather forecast on social media.

Weather device for smart phone

The device comes with the multi-directional propellers and sensors to provide a weather station in the palm of your hand. Windoo is equipped with the latest technology Swiss made sensors to provide accurate results. This device ensures robustness with its sapphire bearings, anodized aluminum housing, stainless steel shaft and carbon protective case.

This little weather device can provide services without recharging itself which means it does not require any battery. There are three models of Skywatch Windoo available. Windoo 1 can measure wind speed and temperature with the minimum price of $66. Windoo 2 adds a humidity sensor to Windoo 1 with an increase in cost for 89$. Windoo 3 equips a pressure sensor plus the above sensors for a price tag of $111.

monitor weather on your smart phone

The device is compatible with android smart phones from Samsung, Google and HTC having a version 4.0 or above while iOS should have a version 6.0 or above for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Now you are not dependent on a Wi-Fi connection to keep updated with the weather forecast. You can be your own weather reporter at any time.

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