Morning Breakfast With This Bear Toaster Gets More Refreshing

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Japanese have always been known for their weird but adorable inventions like this teddy-bear toast stamp. This stamp is developed by a Japanese company Tokyu Hands for a more enjoyable and playful breakfast.

Japanese Teddy Bear Toast Stamp 2

The teddy-bear toast stamp is a mold which is pressed against an uncooked bread to get a bear shape out of the boring square bread piece. The stamp also comes with three cute bear expressions which can be used onto the bear shape. You can add a few additional decorations such as a heart, bow-tie or a crown to the bear bread. Now put it into the toaster and a refreshing breakfast is ready within a few minutes.

Japanese Teddy Bear Toast Stamp 1

The teddy-bear toast will not only lessen the daily tantrums of kids before breakfast but also get you excited by making it. If you enjoy creatively shaped foods, you can also check out other Japanese shape-foods such as Yawahada’s tiny, floating marshmallow cats or Maa Tamagosan’s teddy cookies.

Japanese Teddy Bear Toast Stamp 3

Check out the images below and tell us would you like to have this at your breakfast table right now?

Japanese Teddy Bear Toast Stamp 4

Japanese Teddy Bear Toast Stamp 5

Japanese Teddy Bear Toast Stamp 6


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