Most Popular Topics on Facebook in 2015

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Facebook has provided a list of the most topics in 2015, as discussed on Facebook..

The most popular topic is the US presidential election, which is surprising, because that’s taking place in 2016 and is currently only in the stage of electing Democrat and Republican candidates. Although the media frenzy surrounding Donald Trump might be boosting the ratings a bit.

Here’s a list of the most popular topics on Facebook in 2015 (for the US):

  1. US presidential election
  2. November 13 attacks in Paris
  3. Syrian civil war and refugee crisis
  4. Nepal earthquakes
  5. Greek debt crisis
  6. Marriage equality
  7. Fight against ISIS
  8. Charlie Hebdo attack
  9. Baltimore protests
  10. Charleston shooting and flag debate

The November 13 attacks in Paris had a large media following, and a generally large impact on the world. So it’s not surprising to see it at number 2. It’s also interesting to note that people go to Facebook, and other social networks, to support people, in this case the Parisians, when such events happen. Facebook users usually share things like peace symbols, specially designed after such an event.

All of the items on the list are high impact, and in some cases, long term issues or events that effect the world. So it’s no wonder that they’re popular topics on Facebook.

One other thing to think about… If we compare the number of posts about the US presidential election (the number 1 topic), to posts about cute cats, what topic do you think is more popular?

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