10 Most Powerful Ads Ever Designed

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The famous quote “A picture is worth a thousand words” sits perfectly when it comes to print and digital media advertising. But as the competition in advertisement is getting tough, we are advancing to more and more unique ideas of selling products. Today we have gathered 10 of such powerful ads ever made that will compel you to look twice .

1. Ammesty International Tsunami Ad

Amnesty international true to its motto of preserving human rights beautifully depicts the severity of arms in the hand of underworld mafia.


Published in:  Sunrise, Copenhagen, Demark 

2. Celebrating 50 Years Of Protecting Human Rights

Amnesty international celebrates the 50 years of protecting the human rights through this ad. It portrays removing the oppressive forces through peace and love.


Published in:  TBWA, Paris, France   

3. Luther King TED Advertisement

Martin Luther King, an impressive orator, changed the fate of black people in USA. A feat no one believed to ever be achieved. Tedx makes an interesting comparison of their life changing ideas to Martin Luther King life changing achievements.

Basic CMYK

Published in:  Ogilvy & Mather, Argentina 

4. Apple

What better way to show Apple’s remarkable innovations through an inventive Apple logo?


Published in Bangkok Showcase, Bangkok, Thailand 

5. Car Air Conditioning

A car without air conditioning in hot summers feels exactly like a desert. Peugeot – a french car company, attracts its users by this advertisement of air conditioner which truly portray cars in extreme high temperatures.


Published inRepublik, Auckland, New Zealand 

6. Twin Towers Anti Smoking Campaign

This company is trying to make their point that distributing and using drugs is as big a crime as terrorism. True that!


Published in Y&R, Riga, Latvia 

7. The Rich List

This print Ad hilariously depicts an accomplished player’s networth and the cost sports club have to pay to get the best of the best.


Published in CHI & Partners, London  

8. Glasses And Eye Care

There is definitely no replacement for health. This print Ad says not to worry about cost and get the best glasses available for your eyes.


Published in Genoma, Bucaramanga, Colombia 

9. We are all babies inside

If you make Evian your number 1 choice for drinking water,  you will feel as fresh as a child.


Published in  BETC Euro RSCG, Paris, France

10. Honkey Kong

This is a photographic tribute to classic 2D platform video games. These photographs were shot on location in Hong Kong.


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