Mozilla $25 Smart Phone: All You Need To Know

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Mozilla has tried to pull off a Nokia Game by introducing affordable mobile phone in the market. Nokia’s mobile phone (Nokia-1202) has apparently been discontinued for a while. However, it generated countless memes on social networks for its damage resistance and long battery life features. Nokia mobile series has been the cheapest and the most reliable mobile phones to date, yet it doesn’t come under the smartphones category. Mozilla, yes you read it right, the web giant Mozilla has tried to bridge this gap by introducing an affordable smartphone in the market. Read below:


At the mobile world conference; Spread Spectrum Communication, Inc. and Mozilla jointly introduced the $25 Firefox OS based smartphone. Their main motive behind low price is to keep the power of web in everyone’s hand. The smartphone is claimed to have 3.5″ HVGA touchscreen, integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM, 2-MP camera and access to Web and HTML5 applications. At the conference, tech giants described the features of this entry-level smart phone, but forgot to quote slow processing power, which makes it sluggish in the smartphone industry.


Affordability does matter, but not more than quality. When you can save money and buy quality assured smart phones at a low price, may be not as low as 25$, you would not waste money on cheap in cost and performance mobile phones. Secondly, Firefox OS does not have a market share since every other smart phone is using Android OS due to its features-rich environment. The company just tried to buy its customers through low cost and apparently low performance, which is not an intelligent move.

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