This Gel Gives Any Gloves Pair The Power To Use Touchscreen

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While Qwerty keyboards are often claimed not being so smart but they offer something very unique – that a normal touch screen smartphone doesn’t offer. And it is for the addicts fighting the winter chill. You can use the Qwerty keyboard wearing any of your gloves, but you cannot do so with your smartphones, before this article.


Nanotips is a conductive, polyamide liquid solution that gives any pair of gloves the power to use touch screen smartphone. The Gel use the same technology as used by any touchscreen gloves in the market. It uses nano particles to give electrical conductivity to any of the gloves pair. All you have to do is apply the Gel on any Gloves pair and start using smartphone.

Smartphones GlovesThe creator Tony Yu from Canada presently offers two solutions namely; Nanotips Blue and Nanotips Black. The first blue covers standard fabrics, such as knits, while the former one is a little more durable treats leathers, rubbers and other thick materials. Both the solution leaves behind a slight color residue, however. Blue dries to a translucent blue, while the more versatile Black is, well, black. Yu is still experimenting with creating a fully transparent solution. He also warns the Black solution may alter the texture of certain fabrics. The solution lasts for a few weeks (Blue) or months (Black), depending on wear, and can be re-applied. Blue treats an average of 15 fingers, while Black treats up to 30.


“It wasn’t so hard to get a product that would interact with a touchscreen device,” Yu says. “The hardest part was making it last long enough.” The solution is fairly inexpensive and you can get it at with a pledge of $22 CAD (or US$20) for a single bottle.

See the video below for more details:


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