New Apple Earbuds Can Track Heartbeat And Blood Pressure

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The World Wide Developer conference is fast approaching. Apple like always will be pitching some of their “Revolutionary New Products” and every one will be taken in by the hype and the glamour and probably be saving up to buy whatever they announce. Although most of Apple’s new features every year are just revamped and refined functions that have been around for a couple of years still Apple is bound to surprise us with something and one of those things might be a much more personal product.


Rumour has it that the Big A is going to add some personal features to its ear buds. Like the NIKE wristband and the Samsung Galaxy S5 heart rate sensor, Apple’s ear buds will feature heart rate and blood pressure monitors. Since many people put on their headphones while jogging or lifting weights this is the perfect idea to combine technology with fitness.

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The information will reportedly be saved in a directory of sorts in a new App that will be featured as default in the new iOS 8. The catalog of information might help when a doctor needs medical records to diagnose a patient or monitor any improvement or deterioration in the patient’s health.

There will probably be many more features like those in the Dash headphones and there could possibly be a link with the iWatch. Who knows? Maybe Apple is trying to catalog a persons complete physiological identity to use as an ID card. Remember, last year they came out with a fingerprint sensor, now this.

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