New Flu Virus Is Invented That Can Kill Entire Human Race

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Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the University of Wisconsin-Madison has intentionally created pandemic or swine flu which killed thousands of people back in 2009. This kind of flu can even pass the immune system of a human body for all people below the age of 60. Many scientists expressed their concerns about allowing such an experiment to be conducted since this virus can kill the entire humanity in a single go.

University of Wisconsin Madison

Kawaoka wanted to analyze the virus by bringing it to a pre-pandemic state where it can escape the human immune system. He genetically manipulated the virus based on H1N1 to see the key regions from where the virus can fool the white blood cells. The research is meant for understanding the genetic changes taking place in the virus during their attack on a human body.

According to the professor, the experiment is complete and ready to be published in a Science Journal. He shared his results in a closed scientific meeting but the meeting proceedings and the research has been kept away from the public records.

The danger of getting effected with such flu at present is relatively low. This is the reason for giving Kawaoka green signal to carry on with the experiment.


The research was carried out in a highly secured environment at Wisconsin University’s Institute for Influenza where most dangerous pathogens are kept. To avoid any bad situations, experienced researchers were hired with full review and prior approval.

This can be turning point in creating the next generation of vaccines and drugs which can even combat unknown viruses in future.

Do you see the worth of research or consider it as a danger to humanity? Share your views in the comment section below.

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