New iPad Mini Case Allows Users to Type with Physical Keys

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Tactus has revealed its new mini case called “phorm” which gives users the feel of typing on a physical keyboard. It has made iPads more user-friendly because wide number of people still feel more comfortable using a physical keyboard than a touchscreen. It allows users better control while typing and more confidence while using their device.


The company co-founders are working towards development of technology for generating physical keys from a flat surface which will allow for smooth and uninterrupted surface for touch screen as well as a physical keyboard whenever required. This has been made possible by using micro fluid panels which produce bumps and protrusions on the screen by channeling the liquid via invisible routes only to expand certain points on the top layer of the touch panel.


Phorm is super thin and durable which enhances its attractiveness to users. It provides better protection to the screen because of the elastic layer it adds to the display.


What one has to bear in mind is that Phorm cannot be a replacement of the physical keyboards, but merely consist of touch-sensitive ridges which suggest the location of the keyboard of one’s device. Testers have been reported to have improved their type speed by using the mini case.


Ammunition, which has previously collaborated with Beats on the hardware have now designed this innovative case which holds the circuitry needed to trigger generation of specific keys. A switch at the back allows users to switch tactile keys off and on. The key feature is the way keys function. Phorm will be available on order this summer with a price of $149. However, if customers decide to pre-order it they can save themselves up-to $50 with the overall price reducing to $99.

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