New Technology Can Turn Anybody Into A Musician

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“Don’t make music, be music” is the tagline for the technology developed by Phonotonic named Interactive Music Battle System.  A hexagonal object carried in your hand while you move like Jagger is synced with an iOS application and converts your every movement into rhythmic music.

If you ever wished to be a musician but lack the core capabilities, this little device can make your dream come true. You can even join your friends in an epic battle of the bands.

phonotonic turn yourself into musician

Each player will need to have a smart device connected via Wi-Fi to iPad or iPhone application. You can select a beat and a melody from a collection available in the app. Now just start making your best moves against each other. The data collected through motion by the smart sensor will be converted into real time music.

Even though this smart device is only 220g heavy, you can take out the motion sensor unit and place it anywhere you like such as in your cap or in shoes.

phonotonic play music with your friends

The device can provide you enough juice for two hours of dancing with music. It is recharged using a micro-USB. The device saves its charging using an auto-wakeup; it wakes up when connection with the app is detected and sleeps when connection is broken.

The application will soon be available for the android devices. The developers are working towards adding new set of beats in the application.

Phonotonic started a campaign for the project on Kickstarter. If you want to be a musician, go ahead, back them up and get your Interactive Music Battle System by the end of this month. Meanwhile enjoy the video below.

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