New Technology Stops Speedy Car From Colliding Pedestrians Automatically

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We recently covered a Research in Technical University of Munich on Pedestrians Movement Detection across the road, a system capable of detecting pedestrian movement and stopping the vehicle in motion, from a maximum speed of 30km/h. Honda, on the other side has designed an automated braking system capable of detecting pedestrians and stopping the vehicle travelling as fast as 60 km/h.

The system uses Radar Waves Technology and High Resolution Integrated Cameras to detect pedestrians coming in front of vehicle, and then slow down or stop the vehicle to prevent any accident. Honda is expected to install the braking system in its Legend luxury sedan slated for release this year, while the price of system-alone is yet to be announced.

Toyota already deployed the technology last year; installed in its Lexus LS Sedan, the automated braking system safely stops the vehicle from a speed of 40km/h. The system costs a figure closer to $9,500 ($9,480).

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