Next Big Thing – The Google Smartwatch

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Tech companies rarely come up with something truly original these days. Smart phones with similar User Interface improvements/changes, products based on the same ideas and pandering to the commercial users are all trademarks of the tech giants these days. These days one hot topic is the Smart Watch. Samsung has already come out with the Galaxy Gear and the rumor mill is churning out fresh rumors every day about the Apple iWatch and now the Google Smart Watch.

Google Smart Watch

The Google Smart Watch is looking to step things up after the lukewarm reception of the Samsung Galaxy Gear. It has some of the same specifications like the 1.65 inch IPS LCD display and the 4 gigabyte internal flash storage but it’ll be more focused on the aesthetic factor than the Galaxy Gear. Google’s Smart Watch will be like the Google Nexus was to the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

WatchThe watch is being made in collaboration with LG, the company that helped Google with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. If the success of the two smartphones is any indication, Google is about to hit a home run yet again. The Watch is also expected to have Google’s Digital Assistant and a 280 x 280 display.

Details about the product are expected to surface in the Google I/O event in June.

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