Night Visions For Your Smartphone Camera

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Snooperscope – A night vision device that attaches to your smartphone camera and capture what your naked eye cannot see in the darkness. Whether you are filming in low light or in pitch dark, Snooperscope with its infrared features will help you see the unseen.

Generally human eye is confined to see things that reflect light, even when its not dark outside. But by using specialized goggles, we can enhance our vision to see in the dark. Military personnel and hunters often wear the night vision goggles in dark operations. Limitations of design and compatibility comes in play when it comes to the night vision in photography.


Snooperscope is a specially designed night vision, which features a double magnet to help itself attach to your smartphone camera. And it promises not to damage interior components of your smartphone. Works with the principle of Infrared Radiations, it helps you not only see in the dark, but also explore the hidden things not visible to naked eye in light.

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Its special infrared transparency opens up the infinite applications of exploration. For example: you can attach it with the microscope and penetrate deeper into some materials (e.g. animal tissues) and permit examination below the surface. Certain types of inks, visible to our eye are invisible to Snooperscope. So it also add-on an application to surpass spots of ink on a printed paper, to see what’s written under the spot.

Night Vision Ink Reader

Night Vision Smartphone Result

Night Visions with Smartphones

The gadget comes with an on-board 1000mAh battery, which provides you straight 4-hour of active use on full charge. An Android/iOS application is used to operate, and is compatible with every Android and Apple devices including tablets. For early birds, the gadget is available for $39 on their website, while the company plans to sale it on $69 a piece in the market.

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