Nisan Brings Self Cleaning Car In The Market

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Nissan has introduced a product that may spell the end for car washes as we know it. It may even spell the end for washing cars in the drive way. No longer will people have excuses to drive over to the car wash being offered by the pretty girls in the movies, but that’s a minor sacrifice, well it depends on the person. Anyway, the solution is called Ultra Ever Dry, and it’ll be offered by Nissan in its new cars and even in the auto market for other cars.


Ultra Ever Dry is a special type of paint, that’s it, its that simple. It uses polymer technology to create a layer of air between the paint and the environment which allows it to repel almost all forms of dirt, dust, mud and anything else that messes up the car (don’t forget those pesky pigeons and crows that do their business on your cars).

liquid repellant

Nissan is offering this paint in almost all of its new models and also as an after market option so that you can have a choice.

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The paint was developed by Ultra Tech International, a Florida based company that launched the project in 2012; this year phase II of the project was set in motion, improving upon the formula and the distribution as well as the pricing. Ultra Tech says that the paint can not only be used for cars but for furniture, clothes and a myriad of other things to keep them clean.

dirty car

The downside to this is the loss its probably going to incur upon the car wash industry, it employs 130,000 workers worldwide and is a $23 billion dollar a year business. But that’s what comes with the industrial revolution, innovation and unemployment.

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