Nissan Replaces Your Rear View Mirror With A Camera

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One of the most difficult things for a driver to do is to focus on the front and the back of the car simultaneously. This involves constantly checking your rear view mirror for the occasional smart alec pulling stunts on his motorbike. Nissan has stepped up the game for you by adding a rear view camera.


This camera is positioned on the top of the rear of the car and provide a much better view of the rear than the standard mirror. The screen will be the standard 4:1 aspect ratio and will switch between the rear view mirror and the camera with a flick of a switch. The LCD screen will be an improvement on the mirror in that it will eliminate that pesky glare from the blinding headlights of approaching drivers. Plus the disadvantage of a rear view mirror, which is the people in the back blocking it will be completely eliminated.


Nissan has invested in this sort of venture before with its AroundView system in its large vehicles like SUVs. The Around View system allows the driver to see a 360 degree, bird’s eye view of the car so that parking and adjusting in traffic is easier.

This technology will be ready to roll out as soon as 2015 according to Nissan, but there’s no way to know for sure because the technology has not been properly tested. The Geneva Motor Show in the coming days as well as reviews from car tech critics in companies like CNET will decide whether the system is here to stay or not.

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