Norway Brings World’s First Bike Escalator

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Do you know why you get tired while climbing up a steep hill? We can walk pretty easily on Earth’s surface due to gravity. But when it comes to uphill movement, we need to use extra force to go against the Earth’s gravitational pull. This is why we get tired uphill and it becomes more difficult if we have to ride a bicycle uphill. Therefore, Norwegian city – Trondheim, found a solution for local cyclists who have to climb up a steep road in the city.

Norway Bike Escalator For Steep Hill 1

The world’s first bike escalator, CycloCable was built from the idea of Trampe lift in the 90’s. This was invented by a commuter who did not want to show up at work all sweaty and exhausted.

Norway Bike Escalator For Steep Hill 3

It follows similar principle of the Trampe lift which used to provide a footplate at pressing just one button and push riders uphill. Cyclists place one foot on an angled platform and get pushed up at a speed of 5mph. The system can be used by five people simultaneously and is not limited to cyclists only. This escalator can support any wheeled transport such as a scooter or a baby stroller.

What started as a mere solution to a problem has turned out to be a new tourist attraction in Norway. CycloCable has already carried over 200,000 cyclists on a 150m long steep road.

Norway Bike Escalator For Steep Hill 2

The invention was installed back in 2012 and then upgraded in 2013 which included security improvements and promotional stuff to increase cycling culture within the city.

Norway Bike Escalator For Steep Hill 4

The invention will have a great impact on cycling in hilly cities but it can be quite expensive since one meter of the elevator costs $ 2,000 – 3,000. Would you like to have this invention installed in your city?

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